Shannon's Pantry Set Up

The day we have been waiting for!

   Years Ago!!                                                       Now!
My best friend, Shannon (Instagram; @shanjadeloves) and I have always had a passion for organising and home decor.  The day she told me she was building, I got way to excited!! Of course the first thing we got talking about was her pantry, the big ideas that we had, the inspiration from other pages we have seen and of course, laughing at how excited we get at this subject now, when 10 years ago we would both be out until who knows what time in the morning!
Shannon is one of the most organised people I know. She has had all the containers & tubs bought as soon as she knew the measurements for her pantry and she bought all dry foods before moving in so it saved us so much time.  I got Shannon working with me to make all her labels, and would enjoy doing this over a grazing board and wine. Funny enough, we were surprised that our labels were put on nice and straight! 
Shannon & I are so excited to show you all the photos for her new pantry! 


Blank Canvas

We were lucky enough to begin with a blank canvas. Shannon really thought out her pantry, you literally can walk into her pantry from different two different sides right from the kitchen. You walk a full loop and just flows so well. As soon as Shannon had the measurements she wrote a list of what she required so she could find appropriate containers and tubs to fill in the space. Measurements is the key, you don't want to buy containers or tubs that don't fit the space.

Storage Items

All the items used in this pantry are so affordable.  Yes, to set up a whole pantry can be expensive but, you can simply work on each area at a time.  Everything listed below is within easy location, looks amazing and most of all, is AFFORDABLE.  

VARIERA tubs @Ikea_australia 

Potato & Onion Tubs @Ikea_australia

Lolly Jars @kmartaus

Cork Jars @kmartaus

Spice Jars @kmartaus - It seems these are no longer available. Though these are still available through Ikea. 

Tiered Shelves @kmartaus

Containers @kmartaus

Oil Bottles @packmyproduct

Grey Boxes @bunnings


Store all your items into categories.  For example:





Kids Snacks



Meal Bases/ Sauces


Dry Goods

Having these stored in tubs and see-through containers will make everything easily accessible and easy to tell when you need to stock up on something. 


Of course, Label everything!! This ensures that everything is kept in its place, easy to access and visible.  Another good tip to do, is once you see something getting low. You keep a shopping list nearby to update when required.  I have beginners or custom packs available to help you on your way . ---> custom pantry packs


By having your space organised it will make you feel less stressed, easier to manage and keep an easily cluttered space, tidy. Another hand tip to keep in mind; EXPIRATION DATES. You can purchase chalk board stickers from Kmart and pop them on the back of the container. Once you restock that container you can change the expiration dates to ensure you are always eating up to date food.

If you do have any questions, Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you! 



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