Acrylic Cubby House Sign

Acrylic Cubby House Sign

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Finish off your kids cubby with this beautiful, personalised sign. Perfect for all types of areas. It may be a cubby, bedroom or play kitchen, the possibilities are endless!

Material: 3 mm Acrylic or Eucalpty Ply

Size: Approx 35cm wide

How to order:

  • Place Child's name in "Child's Name" Field. (2 max, alternatively you can put in surnames)
  • Place Description for the room in the "Description Field" e.i. Cubby House, Kitchen 
  • Select weather you would like "Holes" or "No holes"
  • Select Colour Cord


Please keep in mind that these requests are made on an order by order basis. Each order has to be designed & measured on the computer, cut on a machine, sanded. As you can see there is a fair amount of time required to make these products. Please allow 1 week for milestone boards to be made and shipped.  

All Plaques are shipped by Regular Post, however it includes priority shipping.  This means it is quicker than the standard posting time.  It can take up to 3 - 6 days to receive.