Acrylic Arrangement Piece

Acrylic Arrangement Piece

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Finish of your gift with a special message, This acrylic planter stick is perfect to pop into a plant or a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  Planter stick is 20cm tall and circle is 9cm in diametre.

Material: 2mm Clear Acrylic

How to order:

  • Put name in the "Recipient" Field
  • Message in the "Message" Field. Please try and keep under 12 words
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Please keep in mind that these requests are made on an order by order basis. Each order has to be designed & measured on the computer, cut on a machine and weeded. As you can see there is a fair amount of time required to make these toppers. Please allow 1 week for cake toppers to be made.  

All toppers are shipped by Priority Post via Australian Post which is advised that it can take from 3 - 6 days to arrive.