Etched Floral Milestone Cards
Etched Floral Milestone Cards

Etched Floral Milestone Cards

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Documenting your precious babies milestones couldn't be any more easier or adorable! Each plaque is 10cm in diameter and made out of a stunning Eucalypt Plywood. There are 2 sets available and can be purchased separately or as a pack.They come packed in a beautiful hessian drawstring bag to keep secured all together.

Age Milestone Discs (14 total)

-I'm Here

-1 Week

-1 month-11 months

-1 Year old


Special Milestones (12 total)

-First Tooth

-First Word

-First Smile

-First Step

-I rolled over

-I slept through

-I giggled

-I ate solids

-My first Easter

-My first Christmas

-My first Father's Day

-My first Mother's day


Material: 3mm Eucalypt Ply



Please keep in mind that these requests are made on an order by order basis. Each order has to be designed & measured on the computer, cut on a machine and sanded. As you can see there is a fair amount of time required to make these labels. Please allow 2 week for birthday boards to be completed before shipping.  

All milestone plaques are shipped through Australia Post and advise this can take anywhere from 3 to 6 business days depending on location.